Catering Service

We exquisitely customize our catering services according to your needs,
guaranteed to delight you.

Mamamia Catering Service is one of Smokey Joe’s Restaurant brands. Mamamia Catering Service has catered over a thousand events since 2008, including fashion boutique, major activities, sporting competitions, weddings, and many others, and has received high reviews and appreciation from all business partners.

Catering Works

Buy-out Catering

Internationally well-known Horizon Yacht Group invites guests from around the world to a luncheon in Q Garden, Kaohsiung.
Our professional catering team along with a graceful dining environment brings joy to the guests. Mamamia Catering Service will always provide the most professional and affable service!

Major Activities

Held twice a year, the Taiwan International Boat Show is one of the major events in Kaohsiung.
What’s special about this year was it is Horizon Yacht Group’s press release. Horizon invited boat owners and buyers from around the world to attend this grand event in Taiwan and Mamamia Catering Service is honored to undertake this event that lasted for 3 consecutive days.

Wedding Banquet

You can taste our earnest in every bite of our delicate desserts.
We insist on providing the best dining experience, including designing the elegant decorations.


Buffet Catering, Boutique Catering, Meal Set Catering, Buy-out Catering

We can adjust our catering services according to the needs of different styles of events and provide a wide variety of cuisines.

Wedding Parties

We provide delicious meals and top service designed just for the guests at the wedding party.

Catering Service

We incorporate wine tasting into events and meals for guests who enjoy prefer to enjoy fine food.

Tea Parties

Our catering team provides the most professional and thoughtful service by putting effort into designing our immaculate meals. Our services are provided with diligent attitudes for guests to have the perfect and unique catering experience.

Year-end Party

We customize our catering services according to the type of businesses and events.

Catering Service

We have received high reviews and appreciation from all business partners.

Large events

In organized large events, we provide an abundant variety of customized service.