Exquisite Catering


Mamamia Catering Service

The popular Mamamia Catering Service has catered over a thousand events since 2008, including fashion boutique, major activities, sporting competitions, weddings, and many others. Mamamia Catering Service not only provides professional thoughtful service, we also produce creative and delicious cuisines for guests to have the most unique experience! We can adjust our catering services according to the needs of different styles of events and provide a wide variety of cuisines.

Buffet Catering

NT $900 up / person, services and fares excluded

We provide a variety of exotic cuisines with our buffet catering services, whether it is for weddings, housewarming parties, year-end parties, company gatherings, or events. Our professional service takes crowd flow at the site into consideration to ensure that the event goes smoothly and that the guests will have the most enjoyable experience.
Boutique Catering

NT $400 / person

We provide exquisite desserts that is perfect for small and intimate events, such as opening events, product launches, and afternoon teas.

NT $1500 up / person

Customized exquisite meal sets, along with our professional catering team, is the classic choice for settings such as mansions, companies, gatherings, and weddings.
buy out Catering

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We provide Q Garden buy-out catering service for friends and families to enjoy memorable moments in a European garden.